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We are members of the Circular Economy Institute the Global Accreditation for Circular          Economy Consultants/Professionals/Designers/Engineers /Managers. 


                                        Circular Economy Institute Mission Statement                                      

The core circular economy field is comprised of firms primarily engaged in designing, manufacturing, transporting and recovering value from product, services and any element of the built environment, including public sector officials, retailers, reverse logistics providers and developers of new technologies.

The current economy is based on the linear model to produce and consume more products and discard them fast. Compounded with rapid population growth, resources depletion and growing pollution, it poses unforeseen threats to our future. We believe the transition to the circular economy is a solution to protect and promote the health of the people and the planet but we need leaders and experts in the field to drive real change.

The Institute’s mission is to promote the highest standards of practice in the circular economy field, to build the strong leadership we need internationally to shift from linear to circular.


GFG Consulting is Certified by the Institute in Principles @ Business Models in a Circular Economy and  Circular Economy Specialist.


GFG Consulting can help your Business achieve Circular Economy  .


Lets move from a Linear Economy to Circular Economy and Improve your Business Model for Future Sustainability .


Lets Reduce Waste within your Business and Improve Areas in Circular Eco Design/Resource Management @ Circular Procurement ,Extension of the Life Cycle, Responsible Use, Reverse Logistics, Industrial Symbiosis, New Life of Products Materials and Financial Profit .


Win new Business and Prove your Circular Economy Principles .


Companies and Government are demanding more Circularity and Sustainability from  Businesses they work with on a daily basis.


Its time you are the Best in Class Become Circular and Sustainable. 


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GFG Consulting works Implementing  the Circular Economy in Manufacturing Companies /Logistics Companies/Retail /Recycling Companies.