GFG Consultancy Services Ltd.

GFG Consultancy Services Ltd working with brands to transform from a Linear Economy to a Circular Economy .


GFG Consultancy Services Ltd have over 12 years experience working in the Recycling Industry in Ireland/UK/Europe /North America/South America/Asia/Africa.


GFG Consultancy Services Ltd works in Recycling Plastics/Cardboard/Paper , looking at systems and designs to eliminate the concept of waste, by enabling the recovery and reuse of all materials at the highest possible value at all times.


As a company we can also help you in Operations/Purchasing/Sales/Plant Implementation with experience in Recycling Plants /Pellet Manufacturing .


GFG Consulting also have expertise in the Circular Economy and is Certified to help your Business work towards Circular Economy Principles. 


Lets work together to fulfil our Children's Future by making the World a Circular and Sustainable World .